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New here; questions about diff and running the xb4 as a 2wd
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Author:  Ludodg [ Tue Aug 01, 2017 03:22:30 ]
Post subject:  New here; questions about diff and running the xb4 as a 2wd

Hello all,
I am new here and have some questions aboutrunning the xb4
I have some experience in 1/10th offroad but not much.

first question:
When driving onroad-cars i always preferred the front one-way over the normal ball-diff. I know i could be faster when using a rigid shaft in the front when driving higher motors but i always prefered the feel of the smooth cornering with the one-way. I drove more fluently and made less mistakes.
Is there a way of tuning the diffs in the xb4 to get a similar feeling, driving?
Mind you, I have the stock XB4 '17 so no centre diff.

In the club where I race the 4wd-section is not so popular, not many drivers, allthough plenty of 2wd (mostly Yokomo YZ2) (Belgium, Zolder, astro).
I kwow that it is possible to run the Xb4 as a 2wd by taking out the front axles.
Is there a setup somewhere with more info on this? About how to change the setup of the car so that it will drive 2wd on a competitive level?
More kickup, other shock-setup, ...??

Thx in advance

Author:  Martin Bayer [ Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:13:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: New here; questions about diff and running the xb4 as a


It´s off-road :D Just try first basic setup or 10K front and rear.

It will be never perfect if you try to run XB4 just like 2WD. You can find setup sheet because our first 2WD was called XB4-2 and has been made from XB4.

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