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XB4 out of the box upgrades
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Author:  EvilR [ Wed Jun 05, 2019 08:22:43 ]
Post subject:  XB4 out of the box upgrades

Well technically I’m looking at the new XT4 but wanted to do a little research and obviously XT4 info is little to none!

Please bear in mind I’m not racing it’s just an extravagant run around but as I’m an engineer I like to tinker and adjust set up etc (hence looking at the XT4 I have been looking at Tekno as well but seem XRay tend to need less upgrades out of the box)

What initial upgrades are needed on the XB4 but with the above I mind guess I’m more thinking along the lines of reliability and strength rather the race track originated.

What motor/ESC combos are advised?

Also reason for a 1/10 over a 1/8 is I already have an E Revo for running down the park/rough land and a few outdoor tracks that are local and let you turn up and run are really designed for 1/10

Thanks in advance

Author:  jerrylu [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 18:13:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: XB4 out of the box upgrades


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