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M18 Pro Lipo ground clearance
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Author:  franzlanz [ Mon Mar 20, 2017 13:52:30 ]
Post subject:  M18 Pro Lipo ground clearance

Hi all,
I have a problem with my M18Pro Lipo.
The car runs wonderfully, its handling is awesome and top speed with Sidewinder micro is astonishing.

My problem is that near me I have only an outdoor asphalt track available (conceived for 1/8th models). It would be not a problem, since my M18 with its 8200kv motor seems to run head-to-head with bigger scale nitro car.

My problem is that when I launch my M18 top speed on the stright part of the track even a small scratch in the asphalt, a pebble, some foam of other cars tyres is enough to make it literally fly away (first RC ground-sky missile?). No big damage until now, just a broken body tower, but it's not fun this behaviour. So I think I should have bigger ground clearance and bigger wheels to get rid of it. As example I seen a friend with a Dromida RTR kit running flawlessy with its car... another 1:18th scale but absolutely bigger than M18 in every aspect. My M18 is on another level, obviously, but he can run having fun and I cannot... :cry:

So.. is there a way I could use bigger wheels on my M18Pro Lipo? Like 1/18 touring car wheels? I understand factory foam tyres are great for carpet, but I think I need rubber tyres and most of all bigger tyres to also gain in ground clearance..!

If no other wheels can be mounted, is there a way to convert my M18Pro Lipo into an M18T Pro (if using these adaptors will enable me to use standard 12 hex touring wheels)?

Thanks in advance,

Author:  Roelof [ Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:15:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: M18 Pro Lipo ground clearance

Those touring wheel adapters are for the M18 truck, not for M18 touring.

You should add spring spacers and loosen up the downstops.

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