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M18T Pro Big diff problem!!
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Author:  khaneshwar [ Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:32:06 ]
Post subject:  M18T Pro Big diff problem!!


I recently bought the Xray M18T Pro. It is a very cool little car and I am kind of glad that I bought that model. I have the Tekin Mini Rage 8.1 Kv combo installed in it and I am running on 11.1 volt.

On my first run I broke the steering servo after 2 minuttes of driving. It was just a cheap bad quality servo so I kind of expected it to break :roll:

I put on a new servo and wanted to take it out for a drive the next day. I drove around on my parking lot for about 10 minuttes when the rear diff broke :? :?
All the teeth on the ring gear are missing and some of the teeth on the bevel pinion. I was just so very dissapointed to see that it broke just from 10 minuttes of drivng on a flat parking lot.

I tried searching on the internet to see if I could find metal gears for my car but it doesn't look like anybody makes them.

Anyone know what I can do or where I can get a stronger diff???

All help is greatly appreciated :)

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