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Author:  Jan [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:39:42 ]
Post subject:  XRAY Wants You!

…to help develop future generations of RC cars!

XRAY is well known for its ongoing product development, and knows the importance of incorporating feedback and suggestions not only from team drivers but also from its worldwide customer base… YOU! As such, XRAY welcomes your recommendations for changes to its RC cars.

Vote on 5 things you like about the car, and 5 things you would like to change in future generations of the car. We are eager to hear from you!

Author:  Roelof [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:41:09 ]
Post subject: 

Yes, I do want to see some changes to the M18
- options for a shorter wheelbase.
- caster, camber and rollcenter setting
- oil filled shocks which will need a different mounting.
- screwable rideheight setting by springtension
- setup system.

What I do like:
- wide choice of gears
- easy to disassamble and to maintain.
- durabillity of the parts
- high funfactor running these cars on small indoor tracks

Author:  Mateusz Purgal [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 23:06:14 ]
Post subject: 

In m18t:

original xray's buggy convertion for m18t couse a lot of drivers change theirs models into buggy.
So rear wing wing mount & wing.
And maybe buggy body and body posts for it.

I made my buggy using parma body and asso wing mount & wing.

Author:  AMT-Flo(h) [ Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:32:27 ]
Post subject: 

M18 Pro:


Carbon fibre
Wheel Nuts

what you could improve:

more possible Adjustments
Steel Balls in Kit
more spur-width
better Dampers
lower servo position

M18T Pro


spring steel CVD
Steel Spur-Gear

possible improvements:

Hex-Wheel Adapters integrated (more possible Wheels you can use)
Better Dampers (non-leaking and bigger ones)
extra Spoiler (Like 1/8 Truggy)

perhaps a Buggy version?

Author:  dirkrs [ Fri Jul 10, 2009 13:19:41 ]
Post subject: 


- Neues Chassis für 300 Motoren ( kein Auschneiden mehr)
- vordere Rammerhaltung modifizieren ( Chassis bricht vorne oft aus)

Author:  robbie dodge [ Fri Jul 10, 2009 22:31:24 ]
Post subject: 

Looking forward to this one :D

Roelof mentioned a lot of good ones.

I'd also like to see a narrower chassis, adjustable ackerman (something similar to the '09 w/ the notches), and if possible w/o adding too much weight, a more solid motor mount (similar to the BMI Racing TC3 conversion.)

I've also played around with camber gain on my M18 and found that to be quite effective in making more traction.

Author:  Roelof [ Fri Jul 10, 2009 23:04:39 ]
Post subject: 

robbie dodge wrote:
Looking forward to this one :D

Roelof mentioned a lot of good ones.


Some old topics with some interesting subjects:

Some coolness:


Author:  Mateusz Purgal [ Sat Jul 11, 2009 09:01:07 ]
Post subject: 

http://www.myrcblog.com/2008/08/more-ph ... -m18b.html

some pics of m18buggies. First is mine :D but it was my old asso rc18b body and 1/10 rubber tyres. now i use foams and the parma body

Author:  Bermbuster [ Sun Jul 12, 2009 17:06:14 ]
Post subject: 

quality fit and ease of assembly

parts are sold as sets (left and rights) I wind up buying parts Ill never use.

what I would like to see
140mm club version
5 cell spec motor
and a few 140mm bodies.....

Author:  Krolleg [ Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:49:34 ]
Post subject: 

M18T Pro

I would like to see a wing and wingmount. A wing is REALY nessesery to ceep the car fly good when racing with jumps.

I realy like the M18T Pro and it is a realy fast car when racing. But I gone one big disedvantage compare to my rivals on the track (thats often run LRP schark).
The front suspension arms breaks realy TO easy. At least the upper ones.

Stronger suspension arms. Or arms that has plastic that flex more and dont break.

Also a front bumper such as the t-bone racing. realy helps the suspension arms last longer.

Author:  ttppll [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 17:54:47 ]
Post subject: 

I'd like to see new improved versions of the M18 and M18T to come out every year or every other year. Kind of like what you do with the touring cars and 1/8th buggies. I would also like to see an M18B and an M18R.

Five things I like about the M18T Pro:
1. Carbon fiber chassis
2. Carbon drive shaft
3. Steel shafts
4. Ball diffs are the best in the business.
5. Don't really need to buy any extra parts to be competitive.

Five dislikes or improvements:
1. I do not like the longer chassis, I prefer the original length.
2. Let's see some threaded shocks.
3. Suspension arms are weak, either redesign them or offer spring steel versions.
4. We need new foam tires like the LPR ones that Team Associated has come out with for the RC18T (rim is larger diameter so there is less of a foam sidewall). Maybe change your wheel mounting system to the RC18T/Mini-T etc. standard?
5. Front bumper needs to be stronger.

Author:  LtB [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:51:10 ]
Post subject:  M18 PRO

M18PRO improvements (sorry, can't pick only 5):
- 1:10-style suspension mounts, but without raising mounting points above the level of upper deck (multiflex), to still allow use of low bodies
- oil shocks would be great, but they'd have to be tuned for use with various car weights (300 - 400g?)
- camber/caster adjustment
- narrow, li-pol spec chasis (I think Motek made one for various li-pol sizes/lengths, with several holes for a tape to hold them in place)
- lower motor mount for BL motors
- variable servo position left/right, with small servos in mind (Hitec HS-65 size)
- easier adjustability of diffs, without need of taking a whole wheel/knukle off
- good quality rubber tires, usable with BL systems (i.e. same style as 1:10 tyres, with threads in them to prevent stretching under high RPM). This would prevent handling issues caused by uneven wear and tear of foam tires.
- smaller/lower diff case

What I like:
- durability
- good performance given the limited setup options
- easy to modify using home-made hop-ups
- lots of hop-up options from xray and others
- and above all great quality of every single part


btw I'd really love to see a 2WD 1:18 pan car from XRAY. Robitronic Scalpel isn't good enough and 2WD is imo more fun (and definitely faster, at least in local races on carpet).

Author:  Ramstein [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 08:55:30 ]
Post subject:  My most wanted for M18T Pro

5 most wanted for M18T Pro
More durable front carriers
Wing mount and wing
1/10 foam wheels without 1/10 adapter
adjustable reidheight
Flexable front bumper

Not a must but is wanted
Another body than the stock

The best of the car is the driveline that never failes and the quality and fit of the parts.

Author:  Tekinmaster [ Fri Aug 07, 2009 22:56:59 ]
Post subject:  improvements


-smaller chassis
-better motor cooling system -with a fan
-better access to adjust the diff´s
-more different spur gears 36T,38T, 40,42,44 like Atomic
-oil filled damper

what I really like:

-quality of the parts and tunig parts from XRAY
-flex system
-high level-out of the box
-very good availability here in Austria and Europe

thank you Team XRAY

greetings from Vienna


Author:  mario [ Sun Aug 23, 2009 13:24:59 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for all the input. XRAY R&D team keeps monitoring all these "improvement ideas" threads. Just keep up and bring your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Author:  Alex73 [ Sun Sep 13, 2009 23:40:14 ]
Post subject: 

I love my M18t pro, its one of my fav cars.

The five things that let it down most for me, that i would like to see adding are:
-Wing mount and wing
-Buggy body mounts
-better wheel selection, as the 1/10th adaptors make the car very unstable.
-A wider wheel base opion, as the LPR sharks have a big advantage racing
- Bigger front bumper

Author:  Jozilla [ Sat Oct 17, 2009 14:26:48 ]
Post subject: 

What i really miss is:

capsuled pinion & maingear

Its really annoying for an offroad car like the M18T or MT to keep the maingear clean from dust and small rocks. At least a better protection is helpfull.

Author:  rugzilla [ Mon Oct 19, 2009 00:40:51 ]
Post subject: 

I think the right comments are here:

M18T = Stronger upper front arms. Real main killer. Way too fragile.

M18Pro: narrower chassis & nickel ball joints (as you do with 18T)

Symetrical system in the future. I've raced your stuff for years and all cars always suffer from the fact that there's a front right and left and rear right and left for everything. While one can argue that's what required for top performance, ... in the end I pay for too many pieces I don't use. Not to mention your parts tend to be more expensive then competitors. I race Xray's for micro now only as I've given up 1/10 scale for now. I used to race Xray in 10th and did love them...but eventually this could be a serious factor in the future.

Author:  Thomas P [ Tue Oct 20, 2009 18:26:14 ]
Post subject: 

M18T Pro

Adjust camber.
Better,stronger Front arms (but with right tools they wont break anyway...)

Otherwise this car rocks!!!

Author:  mikesalt [ Fri Jun 11, 2010 09:54:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: XRAY Wants You!

Acceleration even with stock electronics
Skittish handling - an absolute riot on loose surfaces
Small and lightweight - both car and controller fit in a laptop bag
Minimilist design - easy to work on compared to other micros with miniscule parts
Plastic pivot balls - the slightest bit of dust and the outer carrier balls wear out. To be fit for purpose, outer balls (Type B) should be nickel-plated metal, with the M18T Pro having nickel plated metal balls all-round
Front battery hold-down for 6-cell side-by-side packs - Hard crashes generates tremendous leverage on the hold-down, wrenching the screws through the chassis
Micro battery connector - even with stock electronics it can arc and seize up, consider Deans
Plastic shocks - at the very least these should be o-ring sealed, and on the M18T Pro they should be aluminium threaded as standard. Bore and shaft size could do with increasing too
Skittish handling - too unpredictable over loose surfaces for racing. The car needs a little more weight, and given the chassis flexibility, adding thickness to this is an ideal place to add that weight. Also, heating and leaking in the shocks leads to inconsistent performance

Overall, it is a well designed truck. With the shock absorbers, I get the impression that the accountants made that decision since a fine engineer like Hudy should not have let that be. The M18MT was a breath of fresh-air compared to a previous Losi M-LST2 since that seemed to have been built to a advertiser's specification, leading to a complicated truck with components that had simply been scaled-down from 1:8th scale with no consideration to how small and fiddly some parts may become.

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