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Author:  Gizmos [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 06:27:08 ]
Post subject:  Cars wanted from Xray

1/10 nitro touring (shaft drive system design like 1/8 buggy)
1/10 electric touring shaft drive
1/10 electric buggy 4wd shaft drive
1/10 electric buggy 2wd
1/12 pancar

All cars are design without need to use set-up system.

Author:  Smoking motor [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 17:34:49 ]
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not gonna happen if you want car that dosen't need setting up try a base tamiya car.

Author:  Gizmos [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 18:49:07 ]
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That is not what I meant. I mean adjust settings without using set-up system. Something like XB8 IAC and ISS. This will save time tuning and save extra money on setup system.

Author:  Eddie M [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 18:50:38 ]
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Please don't make a shaft drive Nitro sedan! :roll:

Author:  Tubesnake [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 19:23:13 ]
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I suggest you make a 1:18 4WD Off-Roader in the wellknown X-Ray quality.
I hereby order the first one that you might release :)

This would truly be a GOOD thing !

Author:  pbfoot [ Tue Sep 21, 2004 01:40:37 ]
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1/10 elec. truck, 1/10 gas truck, and out of those 1/10 shaft elec.

Author:  Elliot [ Tue Sep 21, 2004 05:18:15 ]
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12th Scale to take on RC12L4. :D

XRAY SEDAN Racers need a 12th Scale Car for Cleveland and Snowbirds too!

Author:  ChrisP [ Fri Sep 24, 2004 23:16:38 ]
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I currently have a Yokomo YRX-12 and a CRC CK 3.2......and I'd ditch them both for an Xray 12th scale...

The Xray Off-road team needs toys too though....how about a shaft drive 1/10 4wd electric buggy....

It's a pipe-dream though....I suspect instead we'll be hearing about 1/10 and 1/8 nitro on-road cars fromXray very soon...

Why else would they need such large asphalt test tracks for in their new factory facility :?:

Author:  HauntedMyst [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 18:01:36 ]
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I'd like to see a shaft drive electric touring as well.

I'd also like to see a Super sized electric tourer like HPI's.

Author:  Tsuiyuen [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 18:53:02 ]
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i would like to there will be 1:10 GP touring ar~

Author:  nnick [ Sun Sep 26, 2004 20:57:50 ]
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1/12 car
1/10 4wd off-road (when you will have your new track! ;))


Author:  Ginger_Mat [ Thu Dec 02, 2004 11:42:19 ]
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Definetly the 4wd electric, you have nearly all the on road racing sorted, time to help out the off roaders, bring us the ultimate elctric off road cars..

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