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Picco conversion breaking in and glow plugs?
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Author:  Jonnnblue [ Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:28:25 ]
Post subject:  Picco conversion breaking in and glow plugs?

Hi guys, im new to xray and have an NT18MT, ive been looking through the posts and have ordered all the bits i think i need to convert to a Picco P-Zero but im not sure which spare plugs i should get as spares.

Can anyone tell me which ones i need and where i can easily order them from online?

Also any breaking in tips for the Picco?

Pics to once the conversion parts arived/fitted and other nice bits thrown in!

Many thanks, Jon.

Author:  mario [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:54:11 ]
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No idea what glow plugs the Picco engine uses but I would guess regular glow plug. But I would rather verify that with the dealer who sold you the engine.

Author:  Jonnnblue [ Tue Jan 12, 2010 22:50:50 ]

Where can i get a picco p-zero clutch nut (needed for converting my NT18MT to P-Zero engine)? i think ive found the OFNA part number -51733 0r 51732 but i just cant get hold of 1.

Author:  geezatec [ Sun Jan 17, 2010 01:49:07 ]
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Any Turbo style Glow plug you can use. Do Not used a non turbo style plug, regular glow plug has corser threads. Turbo a finer thread. If you cross them up, you'll damage the cylinderhead.. Start out with a medium heat range.

When you purchased the P-0, it should of come with the adaptor for the shaft to run on the Xray Nt series. iF IT DIDN'T Ofna Part # 51733 &33. are the adapter you need. #51733 has washers for endplay adjustment. If you need more waher(shims) Xray part #'s 96 4053 & 54 for .3 & .5 thickness.

Good Luck.

Author:  Roelof [ Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:39:33 ]
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Does it use turbo plugs ? Thats new to me....

But do not use Novarossi turbo plugs, their shape does not fit the Picco and will damage the conical part causing a leak when using a Picco plug again.

Author:  geezatec [ Sun Jan 17, 2010 23:29:35 ]
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(Ofna) Picco P-0 aways has a Turbo Button CylinderHead.

Either way you read it, Roelof or myself. DO NOT Cross the two, Regular and Turbo plug. Installing a regular GP on a Turbo head will damage the threads on the head. Always used Turbo GP on Turbo Style Heads.

Manual Says use Turbo GP on engine.

Author:  beacon44 [ Fri May 03, 2013 06:58:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Picco conversion breaking in and glow plugs?

I can sold you engine, if agree then pm me.

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