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 Post subject: The Extended Chassis Project (18T)
PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 15:01:15 

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So i was feeling a bit bored today, having all 4 of my nitro's waiting on parts to arrive and decided i'd do something for the little truck. I wanted to address my problem of running out of fuel in 2-3 minutes (because of my huge air filter). So i thought "self, why don't you make an extended chassis, with room for more fuel tanks". 20 minutes later, I was pulling my Nt18T apart to use the bottom plate as a stencil for a new chassis plate.

So, i've cut out and filed the new chassis plate (which is a helluva lot longer), and am now working on drilling screw holes (after i finish dinner ;)) It took 4 thin dremel cut off blades and half a re-inforced cut off bit to trim it down - good fun :). Now that i'm inside, i'm thinki9ng rather than mount 2-3 fuel tanks on it that i may just put a fuel tank for a 1/10th or 1/8th in there. (Multiple tanks would seriously improve the pimp factor though). The extended chassis would also give me the opportunity to add a .10ci engine or something on it if i wanted.. lol. Getting kinda big at that point.

I'll keep this post updated with my progress, and photos as i can get them :)

To Do:
- Drill scew holes in chassis
- Cut out holes for fly wheel, fuel tank filters, spur gear, etc in chassis
- make extended centre drive shaft
- make extended top deck (anyone got ideas for how to put the steering thing on it.. other than tapping my own piece of metal and welding it on? - i do have the tools to do this however...)
- "extend" (ie: butcher) radio bay-thingy.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 19:01:50 
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there are alot of things that you have to consider when extending the chassie!!!
1. thing what type of aluminiun are you using for the bottom plate, and what thickness is the plate you are using. ( if I had to do a mod like this , I would use 7075t6 alu plate with a thickness that er around 1.8 mm)
2 using the original bottomplate as a stencil is probaly not a good idea, caus I dont think that you have got the right drilling tools to for the job, and you can seriously dammage the original bottom plate, If you dont use drilling brushings. further more it´s almost imposebly to keep the alignment on the diff houses, using "home shop tools" a miss alaigned diffhouse by just 0.1 mm will make the handling of the car very bad.
you need a jig for performing this job.
3 center drive shaft the one you have are probaly not long enough, extending the drive shaft just a few cm, is easy ´but watch out for vibrations , make sure it´s stright and balanced.

but let us see what you come up with!

real racers don´t care about the pimp factor !!!!

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