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 Post subject: XRAY Forum Rules - Read Before Posting
PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 16:58:39 
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Forum Objectives

We have created this forum to provide a friendly, easy-to navigate online community for R/C enthusiasts to share useful information about their XRAY vehicles. All participants are welcome so long as they follow the rules and do not do anything to interrupt the flow of good, positive information concerning XRAY products. XRAY owns and operates this forum as a helpful, fun, and free service for the participants. Forum membership is not a right, it is a privilege. Along with any large forum community comes a set of rules and guidelines that everybody must abide by in order to maintain a helpful, informative and positive atmosphere. These rules are subject to change at any time, and in all cases a moderator's answer and/or action is final.

Warning/Banning Policy

When a member violates one or more of the following forum rules, a formal warning is normally sent to the offending member via PM by a site administrator or moderator. If a member receives one or more warnings about their conduct and they continue to violate the rules, their account will be deleted. In severe cases of forum rule abuse, a warning will not be issued and the offending members account will be deleted as the first form of action.

Moderators/Administrators Discretion and Complaints

It shall always be left up to the moderators and site administrators discretion as to whether or not a members post violates the forum rules. Complaints concerning other members should be directed towards the moderators or administrators via PM or email, and not posted publicly.

General Guidelines

• Be respectful to other members
Do not say anything to another member via the XRAY forum that you would not want them to say to you. If you cannot say anything nice or offer criticism in a useful and constructive manner, then simply move on and do not reply to their post. XRAY moderators will remove pointless inflammatory posts.

• Keep your remarks positive
If you do not have anything good to say about a topic, then simply move on to the next topic without posting a reply. If you believe it necessary to criticize, do it in a constructive manner, rather than in a harsh and condescending one. Pointless criticism and bashing will not be tolerated. Any sort of abusive posts including insults, off-color remarks, jokes, and so on are prohibited. If you have a problem with another user, please inform a moderator or administrator and they will take the appropriate action.

• Please help the new drivers/members
Remember that everyone was a beginner in both R/C and the internet at one point in time. The faster you feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good contributing members of the forum. Posts that put down and ridicule "newbies", or attempt to run them out of the forum, are not allowed.

• No competitive product information or product advertisementsContent concerning tools or car parts from manufacturers other than XRAY, whether positive or negative, is strictly prohibited. All posts such as "come visit my site” or spamming a site address around the forum are also not allowed.

• No illegal activities
Anything that is already illegal is not welcome here. Examples include buying or selling stolen goods, importing or exporting restricted items, pyramid schemes, and so on.

• No foul language
There are many underage patrons of these forums. Therefore foul language and off-color remarks, written/used in any language or culture, should not be used. If you have to think about whether or not it is allowed, it probably is not. Do not attempt to bypass the language filters by using , *tars, e x t r a s p a c e s, etc. Moderators will delete inappropriate words, phrases or maybe even your entire post. There are kids as well as adults participating in the forum. Please keep the XRAY forum rated "G" for all ages.

• No sexually explicit or suggestive content
There is a zero tolerance policy for ANY form of suggestive content, especially in signatures and avatars. Many people browse the forum at work or at home with children present, and there is simply no need for anything sexual in nature.

• Stick with topics that are related to XRAY R/C modeling only
We would like to keep the forum all about XRAY R/C related interests. If you wish to go off topic with a forum member and converse about personal subjects, such as local events or family, then please use another forum or PM’s.

• Do not post anything in a topic where it does not belong
For example, do not ask a question about your T2 in the XB8 forum. Other members will not take you seriously and moderators will move or delete the post.

• Use descriptive topic titles
Do not use topic headings such as "LOOOOOK!!!!" or "HELP!!!!!!!!!" The point of creating a topic is to provide or gain information. Vague topic headings may cause other members to ignore your post. If you need help with a stock motor for example, then title the topic "I need help with stock motors". You will receive much better responses and the forum will be much easier to read overall. Moderators may rename topics as needed.

• Use the forum ‘Search’ to avoid duplicate threads
Before starting a new topic, search the forum to see if it has already been discussed. You will be amazed at how much information is already archived here. Please note that there is no official policy that all discussions for a particular car remain in one thread; things just happen this way at times. If you can't find your information, making a new thread about it is fine, but please do a search beforehand--plus, posting in a car's topical thread will probably get you a faster answer anyway.

• Do not type in ALL CAPS
Typing in ALL CAPS may offend forum members as they will think that you are YELLING at them.

• Practice good grammar and typing skills
Posts that have miisspelled wordz, p00r grammer, and SlOppY tYpInG are very difficult to read. Moderators may delete content or an entire post at their discretion. If English is your second language, then you may want to let forum members know so that they can exercise patience when reading your posts.

• Web links in posts
We support links to other sites in your posts as long as the referred site is not a competitor to XRAY and it provides useful information such as news items, non-competitive product information, race results and so on. They must fit in the context of what is being said as well. Any such links that moderators or administrators deem detrimental to the XRAY brand will be prohibited.

• For Sale/Trade posts may only be made in the Buy/Sell forumThere are absolutely no for sale/trade posts allowed outside of the Buy/Sell forum. No exceptions will be made.

• Customer support claims
Do not use the forum to contact XRAY Customer Support concerning a warranty or service issue. Please contact your national distributor with these types of requests or send an email to info@teamxray.com.

• Do not believe everything you read
The XRAY forum is truly a global community. Other than the clearly marked XRAY forum moderators, you do not really know who is behind the alias making a post. Many posts contain opinions that may or may not be based on facts or real experience.

• Member Avatars
Avatars in themselves are considered as post content and should adhere to all of the forum rules listed. Official XRAY "X" avatars, including the team members name/handle, are in place to distinguish team drivers, forum administrators/moderators and other XRAY staff members. These "X" avatars are copyrighted by XRAY and cannot be used by members unless officially approved by, and received from, XRAY.

For Sale/Trade Forum Rules

• XRAY second-hand products only
The Buy/Sell forum can be used for buying or selling XRAY second-hand products only. There are no exceptions.

• No commercial sales
With all of the above it should go without saying, but here it is again. All posts must be from private sellers, not stores, companies, or any sort of retail/commercial enterprise. Representatives of retail stores using the forum for liquidation purposes is allowed, provided it is a one-time sale and not linked to an online inventory system.

• No auction-style posts
For Sale posts here must state an actual price, not solicit competing bids from users. These have a tendency to create bad results and dishonesty from people. "Or best offer" is fine.

• No eBay sales
Posts containing links to eBay items are not allowed. If a user repeatedly posts nothing but eBay items, he/she may be warned and eventually banned.

• No thread trashing
It is a common courtesy not to complain on a for sale thread. If you think someone has a poor item, bad price or have any other complaint, please communicate via PMs or email with them or the moderators/administrators, rather than publicly harassing them.

• Multiple posting and thread bumping
Whenever possible, please keep your For Sale posts in one thread, rather than a bunch of smaller threads. Also, when dealing with the same item or items, please bump your old threads, rather than creating new ones. Do not bump a thread more than once on any given day.

• Product information
List the name of the product preferably with the correct part number to make the product identification more easy. Preferably post a link to the product itself, all XRAY products are listed online, you can search them here at Product Search Page. List the price showing currency ($, €, etc.).

• Seller/buyer information
Make sure to post where you are from, including Country, State/Region and City (or update your profile to feature this information). Provide your full contact information

• Interested parties
If you are interested in any buy/sell items, please send a Private Message to the author or email him.

• New products
If you are looking to purchase a new XRAY product, please contact your nearest hobby shop or distributor.

All these rules are binding for all members of this forum.

XRAY reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time and for any reason. XRAY will do everything in its power to monitor and enforce the forum rules within reason. The content of the forum may not at all times reflect the views, goals, and objectives of XRAY, it's management, or staff. XRAY shall not be liable for the forum content, or any consequences resulting from the content of the forum. Read the entire rules for more information. If you find material in the forum that blatantly violates the forum rules, then report it immediately to a moderator or the forum administrator at info@teamxray.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read our forum rules. They are in place to help keep the XRAY forum a positive and informative community. This site is controlled and operated by XRAY Model Racing Cars. Please forward any questions or general correspondence to info@teamxray.com. Thanks!

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