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X12 Graphite Axle Issue!!
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Author:  Aplam [ Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:34:12 ]
Post subject:  X12 Graphite Axle Issue!!

Has anyone had issues with the X12 Graphite Axle?

I run the X12 weekly and about two months ago, I bent 2 graphite axles in a matter of a week. One axle had developed a wobble to it, the other bent in a way where the pinion no longer made direct contact with the spur gear. I replaced them and decided it might have been a bad batch of axles. However, just this last week, another racer bent his axle as well. These issues did not occur due to a heavy crash .. in all instances they were very minor taps on the board in stock classes (17.5 & 13.5).

When I say "bend" I mean that the axle did not crack nor show any visible cracks. The bend occurs at the pin point where the aluminum plate secures to the graphite axle. You can not see the bend as it is covered by the aluminum plate. I would suggest rolling the axle on a flat surface to double check for this issue. Most other 1/12 kits have a variation of an IRS axle and I have seen some tremendous hits and no damage to the axles.

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