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Motor pod questions
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Author:  tudor_47 [ Wed Aug 25, 2010 16:32:48 ]
Post subject:  Motor pod questions

Hi All!

I was trying to go 48Pitch on the spur and pinion to go outside with the X10 link.

i bought the 92T Spur and bought a set of pinioins (15-20T)

I remove the 64P (102 spur) and remounted the diff with the 48Pitch spur and now everything stopped working....

there is now approx. 1mm of space between the edge of the spur and the motor axle.(with the motor farthest away from spur)..
That is I can NOT use the SPUR as there is no way I can mount even the smallest od pinions to the motor...
A big dissapointment, I have now put the 64P spur back on the car, and will run it outside as long as it holds up......

So folks what and how do you run 48Pitch outside?
I have 5,5T motor

what would happen if I was to install a 3,5T motor? how do I gear it correctly?

I did not think I would get into theese problems.... If there is a limit to spur size, is it stated somewhere in the manual?? ( i might have missed it as I did not look)

Now even more than before thinking of getting a CRC instead....

Author:  FOXY923 [ Wed Aug 25, 2010 17:11:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Motor pod questions

I use 48p gears. I have gone to a 69t spur. I use a 25.5 motor and haven't had a problem with gearing. Not sure about a 3.5 and gearing.

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