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Seriously disappointed
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Author:  Carlos Salud [ Mon Jul 11, 2011 17:56:59 ]
Post subject:  Seriously disappointed

I was happily driving several XRAY cars in the past and I was really looking forward to the X10 Link.

Unfortunately, the quality issues with the car I received are just too much to accept or ignore:

- One of the front axles had a too large diameter, the ball bearings did not fit on it.

- Based on the description on the website, I was expecting a graphite rear axle. I'm aware of the discussions about the rear axles, but the aluminium rear axle supplied with my car is completely useless. First of all, it was uneven and vibrating to begin with. After the first slight touch to a side curb, the axle was completely bent. Using a thin aluminium tube as rear axle for a 1 kg car, how silly is this? With this axle the car can't be used.

- One ball of the differential appears to have a smaller diameter than the other ones.

- The distance between the threaded holes in the rear wheel hubs is smaller than the holes in the tires (CRC as well as JACO), requring modifications of each new set of wheels, so that they fit. Shouldn't this be standardized? Which tires are the hubs intended to fit, if not CRC or JACO?

I have reported this to XRAY, I'm wondering what their reply will be (so far I have not yet received a confirmation that they received my message).

I really like XRAY cars and my experience with other cars was positive. And I really try to like this car, but in the absence of any solution to the quality issues I can only discourage anybody from buying the X10 Link.

Author:  FOXY923 [ Mon Jul 11, 2011 18:21:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Seriously disappointed

I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. The front axles I've never had a problem with so I can't help there. The rear axle is a concern but Xray was working on an improved graphite axle. I'm not sure where in the production stage it is. As for the rear wheels, the only problem I've ever had was with CRC rims, but it wasn't the screw holes. The CRC's don't fit over the hub (big hole) but the Jaco's do. Sounds like you got the short end of the stick with that kit. It's too bad you didn't get the one beside it on the shelf :?

Author:  Carlos Salud [ Mon Jul 11, 2011 18:32:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Seriously disappointed

The point is, that when buying an XRAY, I expect that I can take any box on the shelf! And while some of the issues are probably just a matter of lacking quality control (front axle, balls of differential), the usless soft aluminum axle and the rear wheel hubs are badly constructed. By the way, JACO tires also don't fit on my rear hubs. The screw holes in the hubs are just closer together than those in the wheels.

I was really looking forward to driving this car but at the moment I'm seriously pissed off. I'm wondering how XRAY deals with such matters.

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