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Author:  quinton77 [ Thu May 23, 2019 05:18:29 ]
Post subject:  New to Xray

Hi all,

I have just brought myself a Xray T4 16 and getting my second (wet car) in the new year, just wondered if anyone has a good base set up for both 13.5 stock and 17.5 blinky, I know both Alex and Olly run MOD, would these set ups work for a 13.5 stock/17.5 blinky?

I will be running either a 13.5 Orca RX3 or a 17.5 Orca RX3 Motor, RX3 Orca Speedo, along with either 6200mAh 90C orca Infinite Lipos or 5500mAh balls out stock lipos.
So just wondering on base FDR's for both classes, for both national and clubman's tracks

Also Mr Hagberg, do you have any good speedo settings for the UK tarmac tracks for 13.5 stock please? I am abit of a throttle jammer, try not to be but I am sometimes, so a smooth set up would help me?

Also, sorry if its been asked before but will the normal Panaracer (both 48 and 64dp) spurs fit on the xray with no problems?

Hope to see and speak to some of you track side some time!

Thanks In advance

Author:  Skiddins [ Wed May 29, 2019 10:39:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: New to Xray

The setups from team drivers will typically work in Stock classes, but you might find that building to kit setup and then making small changes will give you a car that is easier to drive.

FDR for 17.5 is around 4.3-4.5, you don't mention whether 13.5 is blinky or boosted, but around 6.2 for boosted and around 5.0 for blinky

The following Facebook group might be a better place to ask for more specific advice;


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