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 Post subject: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:23:59 

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I am aware of all the setup sheets that is available here at the forum and I have been looking through a bunch of them.
My issue is that I have a 7 year old boy driving and he really is having issues to get by with the Xray (XB8-14) on the home track, which is a high grip concrete track.
He is young, but starting to become fairly good as a driver (considering the age...). As you can imagine, he is not always the smoothest driver and I am looking for a easy to drive/neutral/forgiving setup of this car.

We have an Intech BR6 which is far more easy to drive and simply much more neutral in its behavior. I need and want to take XB8 in this direction as well.
In short, the Xray is to direct, nervous is an other word that can be used. It flips over the outer front wheel far to easy and if you are to brutal on the gas it will go crazy unless you are perfect in line.

We have tried both the cars on a mid/loose grip track as well and here it is another story. it is only the high grip thing that is the main issue.
I have only tried the Car a couple of times myself and clearly the XB8 is a great car and with A LOT of steering capabilities. The issue is that it is too precise, it requires a lot of the driver and to much for a child to handle on a high grip track.

I have tried a number of different setups on the car and for sure things has improved a lot, but we are not "there" with he setup yet and over time we probably have made some things worse as well.

I am not questioning the capability of this car in the hands of a great driver, but on our high bite surface at the home track, we are currently struggling to find a neutral/ easy to drive set up with the XB8.

So here come the question and the favor that I would ask from you:
How would you suggest a base setup to be for the most neutral/easy to drive/forgiving behavior on a high bite concrete track?
I would very much appreciate if any of you could put it down on a setup sheet and post it.

Tyres is probably a questions that comes up for some reading this and we have tried a lot of them and the thing is that I am comparing what other drivers are using and we simply cannot use the same tires as the do. Currently the best tire that works for us is the Pro-Line Fugitive X2.

 Post subject: Re: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 23:10:25 
team driver
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Have you tried a thicker front sway bar yet? That can calm down the car a lot.
Maybe have a look at some of my grass or astro turf setups, that might help. Or any setups of the World Championship in Sicily as that was pretty much concrete.

 Post subject: Re: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 19:53:16 

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I'm mostly running on high grip astro atm setup as follows
1.2x6mm Pistons & 600cst all round
23mm f 24mm r ride height
Kit sway bars with the end of bars showing 3mm
Low roll centre on inserts
Max rear toe
+3 front toe
10k f 7k c 5k rear in diffs
Fully rigid on flex settings
Medium - low bite clutch
Upper inner on rear camber links (tower)
Outer most hole on rear hubs (move the plate 180* to achieve this)
Lower hole on rear hubs (hinge pin)
Rear hole on acherman plate
Mugen servo saver spring (kit one folds)
2* front 4* rear camber
Front shocks Center hole on tower outer on arms
Rear shocks 2nd inner on tower, outer on arms
Hope this helps

 Post subject: Re: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 09:05:44 

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Hi and thanks for your comments.
To close the subject and maybe as learning for anyone else going wrong in setup.
I did go to the track myself last weekend and went through all basic settings of the car. Not that I am the best driver in the world, but I "used to be" quite ok if we go back 25 years in time.... Anyway, I learned a lot about the car and in particular that small changes does much more to the behavior than I thought it would.
By playing around with the normal parameters of the car I did calm it down a lot and really found a good base that was just as neutral as I wanted it to be. The main issue that was left was the tip rolling over the front wheels and the bad landings over the big jumps. This is where I have been totally wrong with the setup.
I have now soften the suspension a lot and have low-pack pistons (5x1.5). The car land much better and the suspension helps the car around the corners in a much better way compared to before.

So, some learning's from my side:
- If you have a driver that is not mature enough to give good feedback of the car, you will have great difficulties to manage a good setup. Test and drive yourself!
- Stiffen things up in the suspension to compensate for tip-rolling and hard (flat) landings is not necessarily the right way to go. You will very soon go over the limit.
- When looking at setup-sheets from other drivers, be careful to pick from to many sheets to build you own. It is all about balance and to go "off balance" was far much more easy than I thought it would be.

Thanks for a great car


 Post subject: Re: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:21:18 

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This issue has been discussed a lot. Layers can resolve this matter.

 Post subject: Re: Base setup high grip for easy to drive !
PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 20:06:08 

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Cool post, I think I will try this set-up !

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